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Your job is a platform

June 24th, 2012 · No Comments

The work environment surround me has turned quite negative lately. This is the direct result of a small and scrappy company being acquired by a large, political, slow corporate giant.

There is a lack of passion and motivation – people don’t care any more.

This is dangerous from career stand point.

It really does NOT matter how bad the management is, and how toxic the corporate environment has become – it is your career, your future, and your family that you need to take care of.

If you think your job is just a job, then when things get bad, you could easily lose your motivation and passion.

However, if you approach your job as a platform – things will look much brighter.

Let me use my own job as an example.

My current job is a platform for me to fully understand and master the ins and outs of managing full P&L of a business. I have to deal with tremendous amount of corporate politics and non-senses of a large corporation and clueless former management consultants. But that’s okay – I have my own objective of what I need to learn and grow – this is a platform for me to prepare for continuing a career in general management.

My current job is a platform for me to master online marketing.  Because the parent company is struggling a little bit financially, we cannot add head counts. The team is very short handed. It’s a grind. However, it forces me to really dive into the details of each major online traffic channel, and really understand the inner workings of SEM, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

My current job is a platform for me to acquire a wide net of industry connections. I’m constantly talking to vendors, partners, agencies, etc. They’re all stakeholders in my industry. Regardless of where I work, these people will still talk to me, and do business with me.

My job is not just a job. It’s a platform for me to grow my own career. I might decide to quit my job tomorrow. But that’s okay, because my own career platform is still there and growing.

I’ll leave my current company when I feel that I’m ready to take my platform to another organization. Until then, I won’t get frustrated by the politics and problems in my current company – they are just distractions. I have a completely different set of metrics and objectives for my career platform .

None of us will work for the same company forever. However, the career platform you build for yourself will be with you forever. And you will the power and freedom to shape, refine, and grow your platform.

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