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Your employer is watching you all the time

November 25th, 2012 · No Comments

This is a true story.

Johnnie is a high performer at this Fortune 500 employer. He runs an important business line for his company. He has grown the business from nothing to over $25 million dollars in revenue in less than three years. By all measurement he should be promoted. Unfortunately he got passed twice for the big promotion. The reason from senior management? – “it is not just what you have done, but also how you have done it.”

Johnnie is rough around the edges. He holds people accountable. He is no non-sense. He is passionate about his business. He treats his job as his own business. In my opinion, those are great attributes. But, because he holds others accountable, he is perceived as socially challenged.

Johnnie is frustrated. He filed a formal complaint to HR. The HR director met with Johnnie’s boss and the VP who runs the entire division to discuss what to do with Johnnie’s complaint.

The VP opened the meeting with the following question:

“Can one of you talk to IT and get Johnnie’s corporate network login and VPN access for the past two years? If there is anything abnormal, I’ll terminate immediately.”

I won’t share with you the rest of the story; that’s for another blog post. I’d like to stop here.

Your employer is watching you. Your email, network logins, VPN access are constantly being watched. As long as you’re on corporate network, nothing is safe. When problem occurs, they will use any evidences they can gather against you.

You should never use your company phone for personal use. You should be very careful about what sites you’re browsing at work. You should never use work computer to write personal documents.

You’re being watched. You must protect yourself.

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