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The devious and malicious Harvard MBA

November 25th, 2012 · No Comments

I have to admit – some recent events I witnessed made me disgusted about certain individuals at work.

I don’t mean to over generalized but I cannot help not to generalize in this case.

They share a common trait:

  • Harvard MBA
  • Worked for 2-4 years in management consulting prior to attending business school
  • Post MBA they worked for a couple years in management consulting or started in strategic planning function of a Fortune 500 company.
  • They rapidly switched jobs 2-3 times in order to move up. In some cases they played geographic arbitrage – i.e. went to work for a really prestige employer in CA for a year, then moved to another big firm in Chicago for a year or two, and then moved to join a third firm in NYC. This year, he or she put name brands on the resumes, take advantage of less competition in a new city, moved up at each job.

The common impacts of these individuals:

  • they have no clue about how to run a business
  • they’re arrogant and only hire their own kind
  • they run business to ground, and then they leave

what I have observed about these people:

  • they care more about moving up than anything else
  • they are devious and malicious – I’m the kind of person who like to give people the benefit of doubt. But I have been in enough situations with these guys that I know exactly what they’re made of. No, I’m not holding any sour grapes against these guys and gals – so far they haven’t threatened me in any way as I can hold on my own quite well.
  • they are exactly what’s wrong with MBA education and management consulting – we’re cultivating a lot of selfish, ego-centric, useless, arrogant, malicious, devious, high paid consultants who don’t add any value to our society.

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