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Seven tips to survive Yahoo layoff

April 4th, 2012 · No Comments

If you know someone who works in Yahoo!, please forward this article to him or her.

Earlier this morning Yahoo announced that it would slash 2,000 jobs and that it would begin the process of notifying employees immediately.

Here are 7 tips to survive Yahoo layoff:

  1. Immediately fill out the required government forms so that you can start receiving unemployment checks from government.
  2. Cut your expense, save money and conserve cash. Know your cash expense, your cash reserve, and your burn rate.
  3. Find 30 – 60 minutes of time for yourself each day — take a walk. Go to the gym. Read a book. Do something you enjoying doing. You need the break to maintain your sanity during a very stressful time.
  4. Put together a structured program to look for a job –   see 5-day personal boot-camp to beat layoffs
  5. Look for temporary work and/or alternative income streams. Can you apply to be an adjunct instructor for an online school? There are a lot of online universities out there. What about selling used stuff on eBay or Amazon? What about starting a blog/web site and earning affiliate or Ad Sense income? Post an ad on to provide a service. There are a lot of ways to make some extra money. Be creative and be aggressive to pursue those opportunities.
  6. Have you considered to go back to graduate school (e.g. business, law, graduate school, etc.) but have been putting off the idea? If you know what you want, and have a strong reason to go back to school, spend some time to prepare for the exams and start your application process. The application process takes time. You should get started as soon as possible while you’re looking for a job. If you’re interested in getting an MBA, , please read Seven Lessons I learned from attending business school during recession.  If you’re still wondering if you should go back to school,  make sure you read Should you go back to business school to hide from recession.
  7. Go out, make friends, and continue to help others. This might sound counterintuitive. "Why waste time helping others while I’m struggling to find a job?" You might ask. Interestingly, the world doesn’t work that way. The more you give, the more you’ll get back. Continue to be involved in associations, non-profits, and other organizations you’re part of. Do let people know that you’re looking of opportunities. But, don’t make that the focus. Instead, focus on contributing and helping others. You’ll be surprised how many people will be offering you help along the way.

Finally, let me tell you the single most important lesson I learned when I was laid off by a dotcom start-up in 2001 – the layoff has nothing to do with who you are. Never associate your self esteem with the layoff – it’s NOT your fault. Keep your chin up. Onward and forward.

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