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Notes from listening to AJ Kumar interview on Mixergy

July 19th, 2012 · No Comments

Instead of listening to sports radio or NPR during my morning commute, I have started to listen to Mixergy interviews.

I have a become a big fan of It’s an site with hundreds of interviews with successful entrepreneurs. What makes Mixergy unique is its founder and interviewer, Andrew Warner. He is an extremely talented interviewer – he asks really insightful questions, and he knows how to ask the right questions because he is an entrepreneur himself.

Anyway, this morning I listened to Single Grain: From Getting Screwed OVer to Building A Successful Company – with AJ Kumar.

Here are my notes:

  • AJ runs Single Grain, an online marketing agency. They’re known to have the ability to drive a lot of traffic. Their core competency is SEO although they also do other aspect of online marketing.
  • AJ is a doer. He mentioned that he would pick up some ideas from books, and he would apply them. If you read a lot of books but don’t apply what you learn from the book, then you are no better than the person who never read the books.
  • To sell effectively, build relationship and have conversations with your customers first. From selling seminars to selling online marketing services, AJ emphasized the importance of having a conversation with your prospects first.
  • Single Grain has access to top social media site accounts (e.g. top users in Reddit, StumbleUpon, Twitter, etc.) They don’t own these accounts, but they have access to these accounts. I have first-hand experience on how much traffic these accounts can drive traffic – this is definitely an area that I need to cultivate more relationships.
  • Having really good content is still a key component of any SEO strategy. However, finding good writer is hard. There is a huge difference between a $20 piece of content and something like $60 or $100 content.
  • Single Grain uses a program called Trello to systemize writings. Trello is a service to manage writing projects – you can define what you want for the writing project, coordinate with multiple freelance writers, manage deliverables and dates, etc.
  • An online marketing superstar might seems to be everywhere on the internet – he would reply every comment on his blog, post on other blogs and message boards, guest post, etc. In reality, he hires other people to do the work for him. For us online marketers, we need to learn to scale ourselves, delegate, and outsource tasks.

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