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Negativity around me

August 25th, 2012 · No Comments

The work environment around me is getting a little bit toxic lately. In almost every meeting I attended, I kept hearing people complaining about corporate. Our company was acquired by a huge corporation a while ago, so we are part of a huge organization. It’s almost like working for the government.

We used to be a nimble organization – the company culture was intense, scrappy, and emotional at times. People were passionate. They cared about what they did. When there was issues, people felt that their hair was on fire. They argued, they pushed hard, they could get emotional, but we loved to work with each other. It’s like a family.

The parent company that acquired us was very different. It is a huge matrix organization. The departments in our company are now divided and reported to different parts of the parent company. It takes a long time to get anything done.

Although the work is still there, and the company is stable, I can sense that everyone is frustrated. The place is fully of negativity.

Last couple of weeks, the negativity starts to getting into me, getting under my skin, getting me very agitated and frustrated.

I deeply care about the business I’m running, and the team I have built and grown. It is not something I can easily walk away. I care about what we have built. But I’m also feeling that I’m against a huge, political, and bureaucratic organization. I’m just a tiny piece in a huge ocean. It’s scary – if I don’t take action, I might very well waste my precious time and career.

What should I do? What will I do? I’m seeking.

But, I know for sure that I’ll write more – writing is the one thing that makes me feel happy, energized, and at peace with myself. It’s an tool for us to organize my thoughts.

I’ll write more.

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