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My not-to-hire list

June 7th, 2013 · No Comments

Over the years I had my share of success and failure to hire people.

Here is a list of job candidate I try to stay away from.

  1. Candidate who is late for job interview. No exception. If a candidate is late for interview, he demonstrates one of two shortcomings: 1) he doesn’t’ respect others’ time or 2) he didn’t plan enough time to beat the traffic (or other unforeseen circumstances.)
  2. Candidate who is over qualified: the job market is tough. Some candidates are willing to accept job offers that the candidate is over qualified. However, this type of candidate is taking the job for the money. Unless they can keep their egos in check (which is very hard to do), they will soon start to resent their jobs. I stay away from candidate who is over qualified.
  3. Spoiled rich kids: I have nothing against candidates from wealthy families. In fact a few of my friends are from very affluent family but they are also some of the hardest works I have ever known. However, some rich kids are so spoiled that they feel they are entitled to everything in the world. The worst part is that they’re extremely self centered. It’s all about them. If something is not going his or her way, he or she will throw a tantrum. Stay away from these people.
  4. Never hire a management consultant with no operational experience. The worst type of employee I had is HBS graduate + McKinsey/Bain/BCG Consulting Experience + undergraduate business major. Most of them are completely useless – they’re corporate ladder climbers with no idea of how to run a business. They focus on the wrong thing!
  5. People who are very verbose. This type of job candidate is overly detail oriented, and they will waste everyone’s time because they will make very 5-minute conversation into an half an hour meeting!

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