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Multiple sources of income strategy: eBook millionaire

April 6th, 2011 · No Comments

How many of you want to have multiple sources of income so that you don’t need to rely on a single source of income from your employer?

There is absolutely no job security in Corporate America. Each of us needs to take our career and personal financial management in our own hands. That means you should work hard to create multiple source of income, preferably including some sources of passive income.

If you’re expert at something and you like to write, writing and selling a book could be a very lucrative business. Actually, you don’t even need to be a good writer. You can always hire a free lancer writer to write for you.

Some of you might say: “I have never bought an eBook! It’s not going to sell!”

Let me tell you: A LOT OF MONEY can be made from selling eBook.

Mike Geary wrote the Truth About Six Pack Abs eBook.

The selling price for Truth About Six Pack Abs is $39.95. Mike Geary had sold close to 500,000 copies. He paid 70% commission to affiliates who promotes his eBook.

He has generated substantial 7-figure income for himself. Even some of the Click Bank Affiliates who promote his book made more than one million dollars in commission.

If you’re interested in creating multiple income streams instead of being chained to your corporate job, I encourage you to look into eBook publishing to share your expertise while generating additional income. And everyone is expert at something.

To get started, do an in-depth study of Truth About Six Pack Abs. Why is it successful? How did the author promote the book? What is special about the ad copy? How did the author distinguish his product from competitors’ etc. Then get started immediately. You won’t reach your goal unless you start working hard toward your goal now.

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