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James Altucher’s epic podcast interview of Jon Morrow

May 8th, 2017 · No Comments

It was a rainy late afternoon. I was depressed and frustrated after a long day at work. I really need something to pick me up.

Right before I got into my car, I saw an Gmail alert that Altucher just published a new Podcast. It had the catchy title “Jon Morrow – Do you have a gun to your head”.

Out of curiosity, I turned on the Podcast app on my phone and started listening as I pulled out of the garage.

This is EXACTLY what I needed at the moment. Jon Morrow, who has been paralyzed from the neck down since birth, has created several multi-million dollar businesses in the past few years.

He is Anthony Robbins + Tim Ferris. I was in tears for several times during the Podcast:

  • Jon has an incredible mother. When doctor told her that Jon would have to fight for his life, she said that I would fight for him.
  • Jon’s Dad lost millions of dollars during the 2008 financial crisis and his mother lost her job as well. Jon moved to Mexico and made money from consulting and teaching online. He used his online income to buy a car for his Dad. They both cried when he bought him the car.
  • Jon had 10+ job offers after college but he couldn’t take any of them because he needed to keep his income below $700 per month to be eligible for Medicaid. He blogged for free for 40 hours per week, and his only asked was that someday he would ask for a favor. The returned favors eventually helped Jon jumpstart his business. What a great example of Power of Free!

Jon has to overcome so much. Compared to what he is going through, most of our challenges are trivial. No more self pity. No more excuses.

Jon is an inspiration. Jon is a reminder of the unstoppable human spirit. His web site is UnStoppable.Me. I highly recommended you to read Life Lessons from a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face and How to Accomplish Big Things, Even When You Feel Small.

Back to work. I know I have no excuse. I have no self pity. I’m inspired. I’ll get to where I need to be. Thanks James Altucher and Jon Morrow for the epic interview.

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