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How do you combat fatigue at workplace?

January 11th, 2010 · No Comments

Do you experience fatigue at work? When was the last time you were physically and mentally exhausted at work, and all you wanted to do was to lay down and relax?

As I became a parents of two little ones, I started to experience fatigue more often than the past. I have been trying to figure out how to combat fatigue.

Here is what I learned from my own experience:

  1. Eating a healthy breakfast is absolutely crucial. When I skip a breakfast or eat unhealthy, sugary stuff from Starbucks, I can notice an obvious drop of my energy level in late morning. 
  2. Wake up 30 – 60 minutes before my kids wake up. When I wake up at the same time as my kids, I have to rush to change diapers for my kids, and get them ready for breakfast. I end up having little time for myself in the morning. When I get into my car, I’m already feeling tired. Having 30 – 60 minutes for myself each morning help me set a positive and peaceful tone for my day.
  3. Drink enough water. Insufficient water intake is a key cause of physical fatigue. One trick is to drink at least 2 cups of water around each meal, and drink some water whenever I pass by a water fountain.
  4. Get into my car to take naps during lunch time. I have always enjoyed sleeping. I cannot function well without seven hours of sleep. With two little ones, my sleeping time is limited. When I get really tired at work, I just go into my car to take a 30-minute nap. 
  5. In addition to three meals, take one snack break in mid-morning, and one snack break in mid-afternoon. I eat snack with low glycemic value.
  6. Take breaks at work. Play some table tennis. Take a walk.
  7. Exercise. I don’t exercise enough. But, whenever I exercise, I feel more energetic. I used to like running but dislike weight lifting. But I have found Calisthenic exercises are really effective at boosting my energy level.
  8. Ask my wife to give me a break by taking care of the kids so that I can sleep in for a couple of hours on Sat morning.  In return, I give my wife a break on Sunday morning. 🙂
  9. Take vacations and day trips. I used to work a lot without taking vacation. With kids, we go to road trips pretty much every long weekend. I’ve found that even a day trip could be very refreshing.
  10. Meditate. When I meditate, I breath deeper and feel more relaxed.

I have also become quite interested in peak performance in corporate setting. I learned a lot about managing my energy from reading The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal, a book about how to apply the training techniques of elite athletes to improve corporate worker’s energy level and performance. Very interesting stuff.

How do you combat fatigue at work? I’d love to hear from you.

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