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Gator, Claria, and now JellyCloud?

September 9th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Back in May, VentureBeat reported that "Online ad network JellyCloud has called down part of its $11.5 million Series A1 round of funding. The company has a patented technology to pull consumer data from a lot of sources across the web and create anonymous user profiles with help advertisers target an audience.”

What is unique about JellyCloud’s patented technology? How do they gather audience data? — As a publisher who is constantly looking for better ways to monetizing content, I’m curious to find out what exactly this company offers.

A visit to reveals very little – if you go to the “About Us” section, very little information is available. There isn’t even a management bio section. I guess this company is still in stealth mode.

But, a quick search on LinkedIn shows that almost the entire senior management team at JellyCloud used to work at Claria Corporation — JellyCloud’s CEO, Chief Operating Officer, VP Global Ad Sales, and VP Finance all list Claria as their previous employer.

Claria was formerly known as Gator Corporation — according to this Wired Magazine article , "Gator was one of the most reviled companies on the Net. Maker of a free app called eWallet, the firm was under fire for distributing what critics called spyware, code that covertly monitors a user’s Web-surfing habits and uploads the data to a remote server."

So, is JellyCloud just another incarnation of Claria? It claims that it pulls consumer data from a lot of sources. What about the data gathered by Claria?

With the help of Google Search, I found the following information from Personalweb’s Privacy Policy – PersonalWeb is Claria’s flagship application.

“PersonalWeb will write cookies in the and domains to your computer. We may use these cookies to 1) tailor the content and ads you receive from us, 2) keep track of your PersonalWeb settings and preferences, and 3) identify and manage the version of PersonalWeb on your computer.”

Aha! There is a connection between Claria and Jellycloud.

Is JellyCloud just another re-branding of the entity previously known as Claria? According to the Wired article, "Apart from plush new offices at the northern edge of Silicon Valley, it’s remarkable how little the latter-day Claria differs from the old Gator." How different is JellyCloud from Claria and Gator? How intrusive is Jellycloud’s technology from a privacy standpoint? What personal data does JellyCloud have access to? Why do they seems to be secretive about who they’re? Why several high-profile VC firms invested a total of $11.5 million in this company? Please add your comment to share your insights about JellyCloud.

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