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"Depression 2.0" High Tech Industry Layoff Tracker

October 6th, 2008 · 932 Comments

Update 10/13/2008: I have created a new section on your site to track layoff, instead of using this blog post. Please visit Great Depression 2.0 Layoff Tracker for most updated layoff information.

From Yahoo Finance this afternoon — "Wall Street joined in a worldwide cascade of despair Monday over the financial crisis, driving the Dow Jones industrials to their biggest loss ever during a trading day. Even a big afternoon rally failed to keep the Dow from its first close below 10,000 since 2004 ."

Several Internet, media and technical companies had layoffs in the past couple of weeks. I’m sure more will come.

Today is October 6, 2008 — I’m officially launching "Depression 2.0" High Tech Layoff Tracker. This list will be updated daily. If you know any un-announced/secret layoff, please either post a comment or email me ( )

Date Company # of people Details
10/9/2008 Entellium 50 of the 68 employees were let go Entellium execs fudge the number, face fraud charges
10/8/2008 Adzilla About 90 BT Crash Takes Adzilla Down With It
10/6/2008 eBay 1,000 eBay lays off 1,000
10/6/2008 Jellycloud 36 Controversial ad company Jellycloud shuts down
10/3/2008 Valleywag 3 Valleywag Cuts 60% of Staff
Total 1,179

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