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Are you stuck in corporate politics?

July 30th, 2012 · No Comments

Do you hate office politics?

Are you stuck in office politics?

Do you feel that you are powerless against your coworkers who are really skilled at playing politics?

Do yourself a favor – don’t give up. You need to fight back in a smart way. If you give up and move to another company, the same thing will happen to you. You’ll be stuck in office politics again, get sick of it, and then move on. It’ll become a counter productive cycle.

How to fight back? Here are some tips to fight back office politics.

  1. Accept office politics as part of everyday work life. It is neither good or bad – it’s human nature – unless you are a one-man shop, you will have to deal with office politics. To accomplish your goals and make your mark in the universe, you have to acquire the necessary politics skills.
  2. Identify and stick to your non-negotiables. These are values that you are unwilling to compromise – you need to know who you are and what values you stand for. You will encounter gray areas as you apply your political skills in day-to-day battles. You need to have a clear value system to guide you decisions.
  3. Observe how others play politics. You need a role model. This should be someone you respect – who does great work, receive the recognition he/she deservers, and appears to be politically savvy.
  4. Pick 1 battle a day. Decide how you want to approach the situation to fight the battle. Define metric of success. Test your strategy. Evaluate result. Modify your strategy. Test again. Take an iterative approach – it’s like exercise. You practice political skills everyday. Continue to refine your political skills and assess your progress. Eventually you will get there.
  5. Read. Below is a list of helpful books – but you must apply what you learn from the book. Otherwise, you’re no better than people who never read these books.

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