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Eight tips for job hunting in a difficult economic environment

January 12th, 2009 · No Comments

  1. Identify a problem your potential employer is having, and provide them a detailed plan to solve the problem. Show them you’d be the right person to implement the solution.
  2. Instead of getting a permanent job with one company, get 2 or 3 part-time contracts. Sell your specialized skills. Each employer will pay less since they only hire you on a part-time basis. But, you’ll earn more since contract rates tend to be higher than salary.
  3. In addition to look for jobs in the private sector, look for opportunities in universities, government, and other non-profit organizations. You might take a pay cut, but you will have more free time that allow you to take on side jobs and projects.
  4. Offer to work for free or take a pay cut for a month to prove yourself.
  5. Start a blog, focusing on your particular area of expertise. Write article that track back to potential hiring manager/recruiter’s blogs. Get their attention.
  6. Visit Venture Capital firms’ web sites. Review their lists of portfolio companies. Identify those that had received funding in the past six months. It’s more likely that they have job openings.
  7. Expand your job search to other geographic areas or even internationally. 
  8. Write an eBook on an area of specialty. Make it available for free on the internet.

Here are the three simple principles behind these 8 tips:

  1. know your strengths and leverage your strengths to the nth degree. Promote yourself aggressively based on your strengths and expertise.
  2. Employers have a lot of fears in this economy — they fear that they will hire the wrong person and waste precious cash. Take risk out of the hiring process — e.g. offer to work for free or at low pay. Present detailed solution to a problem employer has. Think the employers as your client, and they’re under your protection.
  3. Cast a wider net since there are fewer jobs out there.

What’s next?

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