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Get an MBA, Get a Divorce? (Part 3 of 3)

September 5th, 2008 · No Comments

Case Study 3

C worked in Media and started a company during the dot com bubble. Her husband was also a successful entrepreneur. C’s company failed and was looking for something to do. Business School seemed to be a good option for her as she tried to figure out her future options.

C soon met a few interesting men in her class. There were a lot of social activities in business school, and almost every class required students to work in groups. C felt that the guys in business school were smart, ambitious, and worldly. They could eloquently talk about anything (sports, business, politics, current affair, etc.) She once confessed to me that she felt that her husband was not in the same league as her and her classmates — although her husband had been a very successful entrepreneur, he attended a state school. He was not articulate, and didn’t enjoy the finer things in life. When her husband visited her, she never brought him with her to school parties. They ended up in divorce.

I don’t think this marriage could have been saved. But, I have one observation to share.

There are temptations in business school. One of my mentors described his business school experience as "high school social interactions, except you’re dealing with adults". When you put several hundreds young, energetic, ambitious, type-A men and women together and have them interact closely every single day for two years, there are going to be sparks and hook-ups. For students who are married, it’s crucial to be aware of the temptation, and stay away from sensitive situations. We’re all humans, and we all make mistakes. It takes courage, ethics, and determination to stay loyal to the partner.

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